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Payroll Funding by

The Accounts Receivable Financing Alternative to Invoice Factoring

Having enough money for payroll is one of the biggest responsibilities as a business owner. The success of your business largely depends on your ability to pay employees at agreed-upon times. Yet making payroll can be challenging for startups and small businesses working hard to advance to the next level in their industry.

Payroll Funding Services offers flexible solutions to staffing companies at extremely competitive rates, tailored to fit your unique business needs. Whether you are a start up looking to get set up quickly or a larger Agency bidding on a large contract they can help you free up cash flow.

Our preferred vendor is Flexible Funding. They have been in business since 1992 and they are a leader in using technology to streamline the process.

Tax Credit Solutions by

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program was created to help create new jobs and to help individuals from certain target groups gain employment. The target groups include unemployed veterans, disabled veterans, food stamp recipients, designated community residents, vocational rehabilitation referrals, ex-felons, supplemental security income recipients, and long-term unemployment recipients.

Staffing companies are in a great position to take advantage of a tax credit that can range from $2400.00 to $9600.00 per qualified employee. Better still the tax credit can be carried forward for up to 20 years helping staffing companies that are growing save on their tax burden. Our partner specializes in helping staffing firms realize these incentives in a simple, efficient manner.

The Empowerment Zone Employment Credit is an incentive to businesses that are located in an empowerment zone (EZ) to hire and retain employees who also live in the EZ. Businesses are eligible for a tax credit of up to $3,000 per eligible employee. Empowerment Zones are distressed urban and rural areas nationwide that are in need of revitalization. Companies can earn up to $3,000 in tax credits for each qualified employee that lives AND works in one of the designated Empowerment Zones.

Accounts Receivables Insurance by

You are a new growing staffing firm and you need to make good transaction decisions so you seek insights into your customers, markets and economic conditions. What if, you knew that payment was assured, would you extend a larger line to your customers, would you take a bigger risk and extend your cash flow.

Accounts Receivable Insurance protects a company when customers fail to pay what they owe. But this coverage does more than just maintain your balance sheet. Accounts Receivable coverage can strengthen your company by increasing your borrowing capacity and helping you expand sales and profitability.

Legal – Workers’ Comp Defense by

For many staffing and recruiting companies managing your Workers Compensation exposure is mission critical. Our safety and aggressive claims management services support that effort but in the event that a claim is litigated you may need counsel from attorney’s who specialize in defense.

Our preferred partner represents clients in a wide range of defense matters, including exposure claims and complex compensability disputes. They have handled some of the most complex and high financial exposure workers' compensation, class action and third-party liability cases involving fatalities, catastrophic injuries and toxic tort exposures. They represent employers in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, services, retail, restaurants, and of course staffing.

401K Solutions by

Wealth Management. Financial Planning. Corporate Retirement Plans.

By the 2022 all CA employers with more than 5 employees will need to offer a retirement plan for their employees. Companies can choose to work with the State run program called CalSavers or they can work with a seasoned 401K Professional that can offer multiple options, educate employees and provide timely market information.

There are many reasons to go with a 401K rather than the CalSavers Program:

CalSavers plan design is limited to ROTH after-tax contributions. No pre-tax deferrals, match, profit sharing or loans are allowed. Business owners can’t participate. 401K’s are pre-tax contributions, have the ability to take loans and owners can carve out additional retirement options.

Employer is responsible for automatically enrolling all part-time and full-time employees that receive W2 income. Employees that opt out must be re-enrolled every two years. Employer is required to educate the employees about their plan options including enrollment, plan limits and fund choices. Our 401K partner is a professional who specializes in this each and every day.

Employer is responsible for submitting participating employee contributions to CalSavers each payroll period. Most payroll companies will submit employer and employee contributions automatically to the 401K Provider.

By working with us you will have less headache, more choices and peace of mind.

Customizable and Impactful Compliance Training

Traliant is a team of compliance experts, eLearning veterans, and artistic talent working together to provide a fresh approach to compliance training.

When it comes to compliance training, they have seen it all—the good, the bad and, especially, the ugly. Their mission is to deliver broadcast-quality, customizable compliance training that engages learners and improves workplace environments. We are excited to have their offerings at discounted pricing given the amount of compliance that organizations are being asked to undertake.

Digital Marketing for the Staffing and Recruiting Industry

Parqa knows your business revolves around quality clients and candidates, and you want to become the go-to firm for clients who need your expertise and specialization. They have found that staffing firms often have disjointed marketing initiatives or have invested in partnerships that have not yielded results, which leads to unnecessary stress and frustration. Things change quickly in this industry, and getting your marketing right isn’t something you should have to figure out on your own!

Parqa understands the challenges you’re facing because they were created within a staffing and recruiting firm. In fact, they are the only digital marketing agency in the country to sit within a staffing and recruiting firm. They are able to provide you with the most up-to-date marketing strategies to ensure you’re staying ahead of the competition and getting the results that will grow your company. Parqa helps staffing/recruiting firms build their brand credibility, online visibility, and lead generation which is why we partnered with them.


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