Protection arising from claims made against Ownership, Boards and Senior Management

Directors & Officers

This coverage (D&O) pays defense costs and damages for wrongful acts, allegations, and lawsuits brought against an organization's board of directors and officers.

Directors & Officers Explained

Defense Costs: This coverage will pay all of your legal fees needed to defend you and your company.

Judgements: If you lose the case this coverage will pay the assessment.

Court Costs: All court costs are covered and will be paid.

Multiple Exposures (risks): Multiple exposures (risks) are included. Including; securities litigation, regulatory actions, allegations of misrepresentation and other breaches of fiduciary duties.

Broad Protection: Protects the assets of the organization and the personal assets of its directors and officers AND officer's spouse, domestic partner or the deceased director or officer's estate.

Important to Know

Directors & Officers insurance helps protect the personal assets of a director or officer's spouse, domestic partner or the deceased director or officer's estate.

Smaller, private companies and startups are often under the incorrect impression that they do not need D&O insurance, believing that their chances of getting hit with a claim are relatively small, but that simply isn’t true.

In fact, a 2016 survey performed by Chubb shows that more than 25 percent of private companies experienced a claim over a three-year period and the ones that did not buy D&O insurance reported an average loss of nearly $400,000.


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